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    I can't backup private key, I can only backup 24 recovery phrases. I need you to add ptivate key backup feature.

  • Rian Mileti

    Memos alongside transactions or an address book. I really like the idea of sending 25KDA to someone and a memo from either them or able to be added to clarify what that transaction is for or who it's from

  • Tr

    To add bsc, Ethereum and other chains like how trust wallet has so that users can Al all their assets in one place

  • Tr

    A calculator that allows us to hold down a button and it switches between coins in there wallet and when we press the button it enters the price of that coin, as well as “bag💰” button that displays the amount of shares of the specific coin you hold in the wallet. The first button that I mentioned will will determine which “bag” the bag button displays. This way we can speculate on prices and forsee how much we’d have if price went up or to calculate how much to reach a certain bag goal

  • Tr

    Add a way for my coins from KA3 get mined directly into my wallet

  • Azza Calabaza

    1. As a priority for me and many others, I would like the Wallet Connect connection to remain connected long-term. I like the idea of setting an expiry date on connections. 
    2. In the NFT section, there needs to be a 'hide zero' function so you can only see actual NFTs you own inside your Koala Wallet.
    3. A simple way to export .CSV files / or reports of transactions for tax purposes. 

    4. Private Key export.


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